Tips for a sustainable holiday

Use public transport or the bike to get around

Public transport is the most sustainable alternative for city travel. The massive use of private vehicles clogs up cities and makes them noisier and dirtier. You also save time, as using a car often means having to look for parking in crowded areas. In our municipality there are city bus lines that connect all the towns with El Ejido. Remember to use them when you want to travel within the town.

The bike is the most ecological means of transport, its emissions are zero and it is also a good way to keep fit. El Ejido has an extensive cycle lane. If you bring your own bike you will have a wide range of routes to do and, if you can’t bring your own, you can always rent one here.

Respect the natural areas and beaches

In El Ejido you can enjoy a great variety of nature activities. You can visit the Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Park, the Almunya del Sur Botanical Garden, its parks and beaches. It is important to remember that the flora and fauna are there to be enjoyed, always acting with respect and responsibility. The natural spaces are not a rubbish dump, so do not throw rubbish or waste on the ground, instead keep your rubbish until you find an area with containers.

If you smoke, get a portable ashtray, cigarette butts worsen the appearance of natural areas and cigarette filters, mainly composed of cellulose acetate, can take up to ten years to degrade.

Use resources responsibly

Water is a precious commodity, and in El Ejido it is even more so. The province of Almeria has very few days of rain per year, so we must be responsible with the use we make of water. In the showers on the beaches, keep the tap running only for the time necessary to take a shower. Also, if you are staying in the municipality, remember to turn off the taps once you have used them and do not waste water.

Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioning, lights or any electrical appliances when you leave your accommodation or when you are not using them

Recycle and reduce your waste

Recycling is as important during your holiday as it is in your everyday life. Try to reduce waste by using reusable bottles or tupperware to store your food when you go to the beach. Don’t waste food either. El Ejido has several clean points and recycling bins throughout the municipality.

Remember the three R’s: Reduce, that is, use only what is really necessary; Reuse to extend the life of products; Recycle to reuse materials.

Buy and consume locally

Going to shops and bars in El Ejido brings many benefits for the municipality itself and the consumer. Local commerce generates wealth and employment, benefits the town and improves the quality of life of the destination, as well as helping these businesses to last over time. In local shops you will be attended by people who live in the area and the municipality, they can give you useful information for your visit and know well the products they offer.