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Vegetables produced in the most natural way. Externally strong, internally soft. They make up El Ejido’s landscape. El Ejido’s greenhouses are the only man-made element that Pedro Duque, the Spanish astronaut, could see from the Space Shuttle Discovery, though the authentic beauty of these structures is provided by the work of all of the farmers who naturally look after and care for the tastiest and healthiest vegetables. There are more than 14,000 hectares in production and a property system that reflects a highly distributed economy, with more than 8,000 owners. A large business network that works throughout the production chain (auxiliary industry, distribution, marketing…) with great capacity to generate employment. A constant process of innovation and transformation to offer the best product, the most natural one. El Ejido is a society fully dedicated in offering flavour, exerting itself in working the land. Quality control is one of the strong points. It is not worth producing vegetables without control. Food safety is guaranteed in El Ejido’s products, thanks to the most modern laboratory, the Municipal Analysis University Centre (CUAM), the first one in Andalusia in receiving the AENOR certificate, submitted to the most severe European controls.

Taking care of the environment

El Ejido’s agriculture is clean, environmentally friendly and totally committed to increasing those quality standards.

Guided visits to see the crops

This is a direct way of knowing how to produce and cultivate crops grown under plastic that are exported all over the world and are a fundamental part of the Mediterranean diet.

Agricultural Tourism Company

  • Clisol Agro (organises guided visits in greenhouses)
  • C/ Princesa Sofía, 87
  • Balerma
  • +34 620 843 385
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