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Classified with a double figure of protection - Nature Reserve and Natural Area - by the Regional Government of Andalusia, and located between the developments of Almerimar and Playa Serena (Roquetas de Mar), these are two protected areas of great faunal, botanical and landscape values, covering more than 2,470 hectares.


There are different ecosystems supporting a wide diversity of incomparable plants and animals. You can also see one of the few landscapes of mobile dunes, between the lagoons and the unspoilt beach. The fixed dunes, which are up to 7 meters high, have been colonised by splendid Mediterranean thicket vegetation, characterised by mastic trees (called entina in Spanish, hence the name Punta Entinas) and Phoenician juniper (Juniperus phoenicea, called sabina in Spanish, which lends its name to the Sabinar Lighthouse).

The wetland habitat, formed by the pools in the salt complex of Cerrillos and the endorheic lagoons of Punta Entinas, is a true ornithological paradise, with more than two hundred bird species catalogued, many of them facing extinction, such as flamingos, ducks, herons, avocets and numerous seagulls and waders.

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