Sustainable practices in Punta Entinas

We collaborate with different companies and environmental associations for the conservation and preservation of Punta Entinas. Our aim is to promote environmental awareness of both residents and tourists, through activities such as walking routes or cleaning days of the Natural Park.

Tips for hikers in Punta Entinas

Remember that the most important thing is to leave no trace of your visit.

  1. Avoid making noise.
  2. Walk along the marked trails.
  3. Rubbish does not go away by itself, pick it up and put it away until you see containers or bins.
  4. Do not enter by car. Use the designated car parks.
  5. Do not camp or light a fire. Be careful with cigarette butts, do not throw them on the ground as they can cause a fire.
  6. Respect the natural life of the area. Do not disturb or feed the animals, do not collect plants, minerals or rocks. Do not release animals either.
  7. If you go with dogs, keep them on leads.